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The notice below represents the global privacy notice for the Data Sharing Request. Because there may be minor changes to this notice reflecting legal requirements in specific countries, users should view this notice in their local language, by selecting the appropriate language choice in the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

The Data Sharing Request is used to facilitate communications between MSD and those who have requested to use data from MSD research projects. As part of this process, MSD and its subsidiaries need to collect, use, process and store the personal information, specifically the business contact information, of users of this portal, as well as information about the proposed research project. The mandatory information that we require in order to request study information includes First name, Last name, Business email address, User's business phone number and country of residence, Institutional Affiliation, contact address, and CV. In order to operate this platform MSD shares this data with its service provider, Exostar, which provides access control and data hosting services residing in the United States. MSD is the data controller that collects, uses, processes and stores your personal information. The personal information that you provide as part of a Data Sharing Request will be retained only as long as necessary. This means either for the duration of any contract entered into with you if your Data Sharing request is granted, or no longer than three months after MSD informs you that your Data Sharing Request has been denied.

If you choose to register and use this portal, you should consider carefully what information you provide about yourself or documents that you share. You should not provide information about yourself or other people that you consider private or sensitive or share documents that are private, sensitive or otherwise considered confidential or intended for limited distribution. In addition to any information you provide, your activities in the environment are recorded, which allows MSD to track your activities in the system. The record of your activities in the environment will be retained following the creation of the record of a particular activity until up to seven years after your request has been reviewed , except where otherwise required by legal or regulatory requirements.

The information you provide is recorded to review your request in an individually-identifiable way and in aggregated form may be used by MSD for internal statistical reporting, trend analysis, and realization metrics. You do not have an ability to opt out from the use of your data in this manner. These tools do not allow anonymous use. In other words, your use of these tools is tracked and logged by the system. MSD reserves the right to retain and provide such logged information to authorities as required and to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Inappropriate content
MSD reserves the right to monitor the use of this portal and to remove any content, which MSD, in its sole discretion, determines to be inappropriate.

The data in this system resides in the United States. By registering and using this site you consent to this usage of your personal information.

For more information about MSD's usage of personal information about the employees of other parties with whom it collaborates please follow this link.

For more information about MSD's usage of personal information about its employees please follow this link.

Who to contact with privacy questions or concerns
If at any time you have questions or concerns about your privacy or how to protect the privacy of others on this portal please contact the MSD Privacy Office via email or following instructions at For additional information about online privacy, at MSD, please read our Internet Privacy Policy.

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