Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Patient Engagement, Diversity and Health Literacy
Effective January 2023, the Patient Engagement, Diversity and Health Literacy Investigator Studies Program (MISP) Review Committee (RC) will accept protocol submissions within our current areas of interest (AOI) up to May 16, 2023. This is a competitive process that will be conducted by the Patient Engagement, Diversity and Health Literacy MISP RC this year. Decisions will be made on the basis of scientific merit and strategic fit within the AOIs.

The following areas are of interest to Investigator Studies Program Committee:

Science of Patient Input and Engagement:

  • Studies to evaluate the effectiveness and value of quantitative or qualitative tools, methods or processes (including digital technologies) to collect, incorporate and assess the value/impact of patient input for medicines discovery, development and utilization.
  • Studies to evaluate and/or capture methods of assessment of patient and caregiver satisfaction and experiences with their healthcare and participation in clinical research.
  • Studies to assess the value and impact of patient engagement including in healthcare delivery and value assessment.
  • Studies to understand the use of patient-centered evidence in policymaking or policies governing the use of patient-centered evidence.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

  • Studies to evaluate the impact of reducing barriers, increasing community engagement and research participation, and addressing health disparities on scientific research, medical care delivery, and/or the creation of fair policy—including studies to evaluate novel and scalable approaches.
  • Studies to increase understanding of the impact of social determinants of health (including digital access) on participant willingness and ability to participate in clinical research and strategies to overcome barriers
  • Studies to evaluate the effectiveness, best practices and scalability of novel approaches to increasing the diversity of professional and clinical site staff participating in clinical research.
  • Studies to evaluate or impact the patient experience in clinical research or their healthcare.
  • Studies to evaluate the impact of health policies on research participation, health disparities, health equity, and health outcomes.
  • Studies to test methods for improved inclusion and/or retention in research of special communities (i.e., those especially highly impacted by COVID-19, refugees, remote rural, etc) to advance health equity

Health Literacy Areas of Interest:

  • Studies to evaluate the impact of addressing organizational health literacy issues, trust in science and medicine and strategies to promote health equity (e.g., improved patient activation, patient engagement, health behaviors, health outcomes, or organizational efficiencies).
  • Studies to address scalable approaches to improve digital health literacy, including addressing misinformation (trusted messengers/sources) and access to digital information/tools
  • Studies to evaluate health literacy, trust in science and medicine and health equity strategies that promote post-pandemic Return to Care, (e.g., mitigating avoidance, delay, or lack of availability of care) including technological implementation.

Please complete a Clinical Protocol Template and the Clinical Budget Template using the corresponding MISP templates via Visiontracker, the Company's on-line study management system (in US) or your MSD country representative (outside US). The protocols will be collectively reviewed and selected by the Patient Engagement, Diversity and Health Literacy MISP Review Committee.

Critical Activities and Timelines:
Protocol Submission Requirements Deadline for Protocol Submission Review Committee Meeting Date
  • Protocol
  • Detailed Budget
  • Principal Investigator dated CV
May 16, 2023 June 13, 2023

MISP Information
This site is intended for US investigators only. Investigators outside of the US interested in submitting research proposals to the Investigator Studies Program should contact their local MSD office.