Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Olaparib and selumetinib Targeted Therapy

Due to the recent partnership with AstraZeneca, MSD will now be jointly evaluating Externally Sponsored Research (ESR) proposals with olaparib and selumetinib. Proposals involving selumetinib or olaparib as monotherapy or in combination with drugs other than pembrolizumab should be submitted through the portal on the AstraZeneca website. Proposals involving the combination of olaparib and pembrolizumab should be submitted to MSD.

Proposals involving the combination of selumetinib and pembrolizumab are not currently being accepted.

MISP Information
This site is intended for US investigators only. Investigators outside of the US interested in submitting research proposals to the Investigator Studies Program should contact their local MSD office.