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Effective December 2016, Investigator Studies Program (MISP) Committee will accept proposals within our current areas of interest (AOI) up to February 1, 2017 for the first review cycle, and up to July 1, 2017 for the second review cycle. This is a competitive process that will be conducted by the MISP in 2017. Decisions will be made on the basis of scientific merit and strategic fit within the AOI. Please review the critical activities and abide by the timelines as outlined below.

The following areas are of interest to Investigator Studies Program Committee:

  • Studies evaluating appropriate and sustainable interventions (e.g. overcoming health care system barriers, to improve rates of adolescent vaccination (Human papillomavirus) and adult vaccination (e.g. pneumococcal disease, herpes zoster), in accordance with recommendations, and with particular focus upon populations in which these rates are notably lower than in other populations (e.g. minority populations in the US).
  • Studies involving an implementation science framework to evaluate strategies intended to improve adolescent / adult vaccination rates per recommendations.
  • Studies evaluating the effects of complementary providers (e.g., pharmacists, advanced practice nurses) or nonconventional vaccination sites (e.g., work places, social centers) to enhance appropriate immunization practices (in accordance with existing recommendations, e.g. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices).
  • Studies assessing how media reports related to vaccination affect public confidence in vaccines. Studies should address the impact of media reports on vaccination beliefs in a country or region, and assess the mechanisms used to effect changes in vaccination confidence (e.g. social media, family networks, governmental/policy outreach) -with the intent of drawing generalizable findings.
  • Studies conducting interventional research within the provider / office setting, in order to support more effective provider communication and vaccine utilization, in accordance with national recommendations.

Please complete a full protocol and detailed budget via Visiontracker, the Company's on-line study management system (in US) or your MSD country representative (outside US). The proposals will be collectively reviewed and selected by the MISP Committee.

Critical Activities and Timelines:
Activity 1st Review Cycle 2nd Review Cycle
Full Protocol Submission / Detailed Budget February 1, 2017 July 1, 2017
Final Comments to Investigator March 1, 2017 August 1, 2017

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