Oncology Investigator Studies Program (MISP)
To advance science and improve patient care by supporting, through the provision of drug/vaccine and/or total/partial funding, high-quality research that is initiated, designed, implemented and sponsored by external investigators. Results will be generated and properly disseminated in peer-reviewed publications.
Full Concept Proposal Forms

Requirements for Submitting a Full Concept Proposal It is recommended that the investigator use the appropriate concept templates for submission that includes the required elements for completing and submitting a full proposal.

For Clinical concepts submissions, the required documents are:
If your concept is approved to move forward to the next stage of review, you will be required to submit a full protocol and a detailed budget on the Global FMV Budget (if applicable)Global FMV Budget template

For non-clinical concept submissions, the required documents are:


MISP Oncology Contact Information
To learn more or to ask a question, please contact the appropriate MSD Business Development and Licensing contact for your region.