Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Fungal Infections
Effective January 2019, the Antifungal Investigator Studies Program (MISP) Committee will accept proposals within our current areas of interest (AOI) up to March 11, 2019 for the first review cycle, and up to September 20, 2019 for the second review cycle.

The following areas are of interest to the Investigator Studies Program Committee:

  • Clinical experience with posaconazole (with either the oral tablet, and/or IV solution) either in prophylaxis or treatment (including salvage treatment) of hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients (including patients with GVHD), neutropenic patients with hematologic malignancies post –chemotherapy, solid organ transplant recipients and other immunosuppressed patients (including use in the ICU setting).
  • Preclinical studies including global and regional azole susceptibility surveys, mechanisms of azole resistance, in vitro and in vivo models of relevant invasive mold infections, and PK/PD assessments in relevant invasive mold infections.
  • PK/PD assessment of Posaconazole (IV, tablet, IV-to-tablet) in special populations
  • Epidemiological studies evaluating burden of disease of Candida and Aspergillus or other rare mold infections in high risk patient populations
  • Pharmacoeconomic, health services and/or outcomes research studies in approved indications
  • Antifungal Stewardship initiatives that explore the utility of Posaconazole

Please complete a full protocol and detailed budget via Visiontracker, the Company's on-line study management system (in US) or your MSD country representative (outside US). The proposals will be collectively reviewed and selected by the Antifungal MISP Committee.

Critical Activities and Timelines:
Activity 1st Review Cycle 2nd Review Cycle
Full Protocol Submission with Detailed Budget March 11, 2019 September 20, 2019
MISP-RC Review and selection of proposals by April 5, 2019 October 14 ,2019
Communication to investigator of selected proposals by April 25, 2019 October 31, 2019

MISP Information
This site is intended for US investigators only. Investigators outside of the US interested in submitting research proposals to the Investigator Studies Program should contact their local MSD office.